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Dogs are social animals. They should be encouraged from a young age to greet and interact with other dogs and people. If a dog doesn’t have the opportunity to socialize, it can’t be expected to interact appropriately.
Just like humans, a dog’s mind must be kept active to be healthy and happy. Regular daytime activity provides mental stimulation. Along with the emotional benefits, there are the undeniable physical benefits. Even aging pets should be kept as agile and fit as possible — but they may not be inclined to exercise without encouragement.
A minimum of two walks daily help prevent elimination problems, destructiveness, separation anxiety and other common behavior issues.
What services do we provide?
We offer both group and solo dog walks. In either case, your little friend will be picked-up from your home and returned, happy and quite possibly exhausted.
Where will your dog be walked?
We take the dogs to our own field where they can run and play for at least an hour without various factors like traffic, park conditions and dogs outside our pack.
Will your dog be walked with others like him/her?
Yes. We make sure that the personalities within the group are compatible. Of course this doesn’t mean that dogs are grouped by breed or size. Temperament and activity are much more important. No aggressive dogs are taken on group walks.
How do you book?
Before we accept any bookings, we will hold a free pet consultation.This gives you an opportunity to meet us and us to meet you and answer any questions you may have as well as ask a few of our own. We’ll go through details such as normal daily exercise, feeding requirements, health, contacts, phobias, personality and your special requests. This is the first key to us to providing the highest level of care.
Why Happy Pack?
We are above all dog lovers and dog owners, and when we came up with the idea of this business, we asked ourselves; what would we like for our dogs? So we decided to go to the Martin Gaus Academie to find out more about breeds, packs and first aid for dogs. During that period we found out first hand how hard is to take a group of dogs, to a park and actually keep them together. There's traffic, other dogs, park conditions and many more factors which can get them distracted or in the worst cases hurt or lost. That's why we chose to get our own field. This way, the dogs can just run around, play and interact without any worries.
Sound interesting?
You can always call or email us for more information!
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